Coronavirus: Once upon a time

From Victor Espiga

Coronavirus: Once upon a time africa

Coronavirus (english version)


Once upon a time, in a very nearby country, there was a virus named Coronavirus.
This virus, as anyone else with a crown on the head or name, wished to conquer the world. And, as it has no legs, the only way for it was to jump from person to person.

The strongest men and women came from all over the world (or rather those who believed themselves to be the strongest), but none of them was able to beat the virus.
It was so small that he escaped from them all.

«So… if it’s so small, how on earth can we beat it?», everybody wondered.
«It’s really easy», said a child who could be any child and who, in this tale, represents common sense, a human feature we usually lose as we grow up, because we lose the ability to see the elephant inside the boa of the Little Prince.
«If it has no legs», said the child, «we are the legs. So if we stay at home as much as possible, it will not be able to move anymore and we will beat it without fighting, as the most important battles in life are won».
People were shocked.

And this is how children stayed at home for two weeks, and how all adults learned a little bit common sense from children.
And this is how everybody got the time to read The Little Prince again and to understand it.
And this is how we learned that real victories are those we win with weapons that are invisible to the eye.

Translation: Núria Torrens Sau
Correction: Maria Grazia Filipponi
Ilustration: Ilustración: Giroillustrator
Narrator: Maria Grazia Filipponi

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