Ser médico no te hace mejor persona

Ser médico no te hace mejor persona África

Ser médico no te hace mejor persona

Ser médico no te hace mejor persona,

Pero ser buena persona te hace mejor médico

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  1. This is absolutely true, Inaki. You’re a great Doctor because you’re a good person. Firstly because you love yourself and this enables you to love others and have compassion for them. There are certain jobs that are 100% vocational. I’m a teacher and love my job because I love people. Some people prefer to work alone, that’s OK too. My sister is currently battling leukaemia in the UK and what truly amazes and angers me is the lack of humanity of some of the medical staff. The majority are absolutely wonderful, generous, loving. empathetic people. However there are a few who obviously hate their job and just see it as giving out tablets, injections… and that’s all. These people shouldn’t be working in this profession. Fortunately, it’s the minority!! Thank goodness there are people like you who are not only 100 % dedicated to their patients but also find the time to write this blog to share your thoughts and experiences with us!!

    Vaya parrafada he soltado hoy, necesitaba decirlo. Un abrazo muy fuerte!! X

  2. I am not talking about me.
    I am talking in name of all doctors.
    I think this days is very important to know and remember that to be only a doctor is not enough

  3. Estoy de acuerdo, “ser mejor persona te ayuda a ser mejor médico.”
    Pero en mi opinión ser mejor médico también te ayuda a ser mejor médico.

  4. Yes, I realise you’re not just talking about yourself! Doctors, nurses, administrative staff, all kinds of people working together make up a successful hospital or school. We have to work as a team, sharing the same values and going in the same direction!

  5. I send you forces and hugs from my heart Diana. I hope your sister will recover as soon as possible.

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