Viral Message in support of Health Care Workers, be patient with them

Viral Message in support of Health Care Workers, be patient with them

Viral Message in support of Health Care Workers, be patient with them África Etiopía

All care workers will have a breakdown, be patient with them you really don’t understand what they are going through.

They are carrying burdens and worries they cannot discuss with you.

They find out things before the general public they cannot share with you.

They feel unsure.

They are questioning everything they used to know.

They are scared for their families.

They are scared for themselves.

They feel unprepared to fight this fast-changing elusive killer.

They feel guilty for increasing the risk for our loved ones.

They are obsessively thinking:

“Did I wash my hands enough?”,

“Did I not touch my face today?”,

“Is changing outside and going straight to the shower going to be enough to keep my loved ones safe?”,

“Are we going to run out of PPE?”,

“Is it safe to change the PPE recommendations because we don’t have enough to go around?”,

“Did I have the virus on me when I walked into an elderly patient’s room?”,

“Will I be the one that gives her the virus that ends her life?”

The gyms are shut down.

Their social outlets removed and churches closed.


They struggle to sleep even though they know they need sleep to stay healthy and sharp.

They want to hug their children but are too afraid.

They want to see their parents, friends, loved ones, the people they turn to when they need to feel loved and reassured but that would be foolish and risky.

They are concerned about their work family.

They see the stress on their faces.

They are trying to make the right decisions when no one really knows what the right decisions are.

The recommendations are changing daily.

They are spending hours reading, learning, thinking through scenarios and trying to be prepared for the unknown.

They want to provide the best care to their patients and remain safe.

Their patients can no longer have their loved ones with them. The healthcare workers are now their daughter, son, preacher, sister, brother, friend. They are their reassure, voice of reason, the soft-hearted, strong backed person they can rely on.


So for those of you that love a health care worker, be patient with them. They are struggling. This says it all..


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