Speaker at World Hospital Congress

Speaker at World Hospital Congress

The Congress is a unique global forum that brings together IHF members and leaders of hospitals, health services, and healthcare organizations to discuss key drivers of national and international policy, management, financial trends and solutions. Through this forum multidisciplinary exchange of knowledge, expertise and experiences are facilitated, together with dialogue on best practices in leadership, management and service delivery.

IHF member organizations have various opportunities to showcase their accomplishments to peers and the rest of the global healthcare community. The event contributes to the enhancement and enrichment of the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals. The delegate make-up reflects the IHF membership which spans more than 50 countries.

The IHF World Hospital Congress is a one-stop-shop for the healthcare professional seeking the opportunity and environment in which to engage in a 360-degree learning and knowledge-sharing experience among peers.

Speaker Dr Iñaki Alegria Coll

IHF World Hospital Congress

Speaker at World Hospital Congress actualidad


  • Pediatrician. Master in International Cooperation and Global Health.
  • Medical coordinator at Gambo General Rural Hospital, Ethiopia.
  • Pediatrician at Hospital General de Granollers and Hospital del Mar, Barcelona.
  • He is working to provide excellence and quality health care in rural Ethiopia through improving health training, simulation and strengthening rural and primary health care system.
  • He is a promoter of Ethiopian national cooperation creating a rural-urban network, promotor of  Gambo Rural Hospital – Saint Paul’s Hospital in Addis Ababa partnership.
  • Professor of master in Cooperation and International Health in Barcelona University. (UAB)
  • Professor of Pediatrics in Addis Ababa Catholic University and Gambo General Rural Hospital, Ethiopia.
  • Professor in Saint Paul’s Hospital and Millenium Medical College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Founder of Alegria Sin Fronteras NGO promoting a new vision in international health cooperation.
  • TED Speaker
  • Member of International Cooperation work team from Spanish Pediatrics Association




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