COVID19 in Ethiopia: the situation is getting out of control

” It’s high time to put restrictions. Otherwise the situation is getting out of control”
Yakob Seman
Director,Medical Service

COVID-19 Rates Spiking; Hospital Beds for COVID Patients Full

Community transmission of the coronavirus in Ethiopia is widespread and accelerating rapidly.  Public and private hospitals in Addis Ababa are reporting that their COVID bedspace is full.  Life-saving oxygen and medical supplies are difficult to secure.  Through March 20, 2021, there have been 185,641 reported cases and 2,647 deaths resulting from COVID-19 in Ethiopia.  The 14-day trends of new cases and percent positivity are both increasing drastically.  An increase in new cases of 66% percent and an increase in the percent positive by 43% percent were observed over this two-week period.

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