Helping to save lives at birth

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Helping to save Lives at Birth

Helping Mothers Survive and Helping Babies Breathe Training

It was performed in Gambo Rural Hospital a training on Helping Mothers Survive and Helping Babies Breathe for Nurses and Midwifes from the 10 health centers in Gambo’s catchment area.

Post-Partum Hemorrhage is the first cause of maternal death.
Birth Asphyxia is the main cause of perinatal death.

Ethiopia’s maternal mortality rate is still so high, estimated to be around 412 mothers died for every 100,000 live births , it does it mean around 11000 maternal deaths every year.

46 newborns dead before 28 days of life for every 1000 births, it means around 87000 neonatal deaths and 97000 still births every year.

Most of them are avoidable and preventable deaths.

Haati Takkallee Lubbuu kenuuf lubbuu dhabuu hin qabdu!

Zero Mothers will Die giving life

The training is based on simulation scenarios with training material
The main objective is improving the professional skills to manage the main causes of maternal and perinatal death with the main objective of reduce mortality rate.

Thank you very much for make it possible!

Helping to help mothers survive
Helping to help babies breathe.

Training Ethiopian health workers saving lives at birth