Opening Speech from Ethiopian Embassy



I share with all of you the opening speech done by  Mr. Gezachew Bushu, the head of Diaspora Affairs of the Ethiopian Embassy in Paris.

Mr. Gezachew Bushu, really I aprreciate your commitment and support. Baa’yee Galatoma!


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Ladies and Gentlemen

At the outset, let me express my gratitude to Tarannà viatges and to the founder of  Alegria sin Fronteras and the  Medical Director of Gambo General Rural Hospital,Dr. Iñaki Alegria for organizing this important event. My thanks also to the association SomHabesha to collaborate with the Alegria sin Fronteras.

Let me say something about SomHabesha, SomHabesha is made up of adopted Ethiopians, who regularly collaborate with the NGO IPI Cooperation Foundation and the Association of Ethnic and Ethnic Children’s Families (AFNE) in order to promote Ethiopian culture among all those who wish to know it.

SomHabesha has been organizing activities in Barcelona for over 5 years among adopted Ethiopians living in different parts of Spain. Each year more young people participate in these meetings where activities such as music, dancing, games and celebration of traditional Ethiopian festivals take place. It aims to ensure that children do not forget their origin despite being in a country that provides them with better living conditions.

Alegria sin Fronteras  works with The Ethiopian  Ministry of Health in the Oromia Region, in the commune of Koma Sade, District of Kore, Western Arsi Province in Gambo.

Alegria Sin Fronteras works following and promoting the Ethiopia’s  Growth and Transformation Plan ( GTP-II) for the period 2016- 2020, wih the Ethiopian government placing great emphasis on the health sector. The overall Health Sector Development Program of Ethiopia focuses on poverty related diseases, communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Diarrhoea and health problems that affect mothers and children. Moreover it is geared to expand the health services to rural areas and to reach villages and households.

So far a number of achievements have been witnessed in various areas.


Today the Ethiopian Ministry of Health classifies Gambo as a District Hospital, and Gambo is responsible for upholding the national standards and guidelines for hospitals of this size and stature. Gambo Hospital participates in all National Health Programs, including Tuberculosis and Leprosy control, HIV prevention and diagnosis, ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) and PMTCT (Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission) service, Therapeutic Feeding Centre for Severe Acute Malnutrition, Antenatal Care, and EPI (Expanded Program of Immunization)  with regular campaigns to address emergencies and epidemics. So that  what I mentioned is the result of the great work of Alegria sin Fronteras  cooperating with the Ethiopian government.

Finally, Allow me to express my sincere appreciation on behave of Ethiopian Embassy to the founder of  Alegria sin Fronteras and Medical Director of Gambo General Rural Hospital: Dr. Iñaki Alegria and the association SomHabesha to support the Ethiopian health sector and promoting the Ethiopia culture.»