I was born in the middle of the great famine in Ethiopia

I was born in Ethiopia

I was born in 1985. It was most likely born in Africa than in Europe, but I was born in Europe. Only God knows why.

It  was more likely to be born in Ethiopia than in Spain, but I was born in Spain. Only God knows why.

That made the difference. Only God knows why.

I was born in Barcelona on 29 March of 1985. That same day, another child like me was born in Ethiopia, but in the middle of a famine in the region.

She was born between adobe walls, without health care. The mother could have died in childbirth. The child would probably die within a few days.

I was born in Barcelona, ​​in a hospital and in a great family. That made the difference. Only God knows why.

I had a childhood, a balanced diet, love family, friends, I went to school even college. And I’m still alive.

While I was playing carefree,  other children “playing” to survive desperately looking for food to stay alive.

While spitting food, other children had nothing to put in their mouths.

I did nothing to deserve being born where I was born, by having a great childhood; to live … Only God knows why.


It is a big responsibility. Now it’s Africa time.

All children deserve the same opportunities regardless of where they are born, child birth, and the religion they profess.

In my days in Ethiopia, more than one child received my name. To name a new child, give the name to a new life on earth … Give the name it is more than just give the name. It is to give you much, if not most of you, the largest and most important to you. Give the name is give yourself.

However, the joy of giving your name, becomes sad when the new Iñaki, with few months of life dies.

Now it’s time to be Ethiopian, now it’s time to live within Ethiopians. Only God knows why.

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