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Haati Takkallee Lubbuu kenuuf lubbuu dhabuu hin qabdu!

Haati Takkallee Lubbuu kenuuf lubbuu dhabuu hin qabdu!

Haati Takkallee Lubbuu kenuuf lubbuu dhabuu hin qabdu!

Zero Mothers will Die giving life

Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Integrated Project (MNCHIP)

Maternal, Newborn and Child Health is a key national health priority for Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s maternal mortality rate is still so high, estimated to be around 412 mothers died for every 100,000 live births , it does it mean around 11,000 maternal deaths per year
46 newborns dead before 28 days of life for every 1000 births, it means around 87000 neonatal deaths and 97,000 still births per year
Most of them are avoidable and preventable deaths.

Any mother has to die giving life.
Haati Takkallee Lubbuu kenuuf lubbuu dhabuu hin qabdu!Zero Mothers will Die giving life
To avoid the preventable death fight against the 3 Delay model:

Contributing factors according to the three delay model

Delay 1: Delay in seeking care
Family poverty
Did no recognize the danger signs of newborn infants
Unaware of the warning signs of problems during pregnancy
Did not know where to go
Had no one to take care of other children
Reliant on traditional practice/medicine
Lack of decision to go to health facility

Delay 2: Delay in reaching care
Transport was not available
Transport was too expensive
No facility within reasonable distance
Lack of road access

Delay 3: Delay in receiving care
Delayed arrival to next facility from another referring facility
Family lacked money for health care
Delayed management after admission
Fear to be scolded or shouted at by the staff
Human error or mismanagement
Delay in first evaluation by care giver after admission
Lack of supplies or equipment

Improving seeking care:
Awareness creation in the community
Health Education Program
Health on Danger Signs
Strenght Health Extensions Workers Network at Health Post level

Improving reaching care
Awareness creation
Strenght referral system
Health Post
Health Center

Improving receiving care:
Improving Skill
Capacity building
Training on main causes of maternal and perinatal Death
Helping Babies Breathe
Helping Mothers Survive
Referral system criteria

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