If only

If only
“If only I had done…
If only I had taught her how to…
If only I had used him…
If only I had listened…
If only I had attended…
If only I had seen it once before…
In only…”

All of us who have been present either by accident or design at the birth of a baby are aware that there is nothing as normal in the world as normal childbirth and there is nothing as abnormal as abnormal child birth – and nothing goes devastatingly so fast one to the other.
Real, instant first aid, properly instituted, can realy save lifes. Worldwide, we need an army of healthcare workers with the skills to deal with these emergencies when they arrive. It may be that many of the skills required and acquired may never be needed but wouldn’t it be great if they were and that they came to us as a second nature?
All those who want to live with their conscience must consolidate their knowledge, achieve understanding and regularly practice their skills and drills, so that life saving skills are second nature, even first time round.
How much better to feel the glow of contentment that you have done your best, rather than inwardly suffer the “if only”

Professor Jim Dornan FRCOG
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists


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