Alegría Sin Fronteras, Alegria amb Gambo, Àfrica

Gambo is the new Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey

«He promised to take them to a good and spacious land, to a land flowing with milk and honey» ( Exodus 3: 8).

We are talking about the promised land, however, we are living in the new Canaan, wherever we are.

We are living in paradise without knowing it.

In this new earth, the important thing is not the earth, but its inhabitants, they are the soul, the life. Without them the earth is barren. The earth is only to be worked, inhabited, lived, nevertheless, it is not the earth that gives fruit, they are the people.

Where is the promised land?

It only exists wherever people are.

Every city, every town, is the new Canaan and we do not know it, we are living in paradise, we just have to build it, it has the potential to be.

Together we can create the paradise, empowering people and improving way of life of them with our effort and sacrifice.

We are living in a rough diamond that needs our hands, our effort, our dedication, our joy to carve not the earth but the soul of the people who inhabit it.

We are living in paradise, we need tu use our effort, sacrifice, work to sculpt the souls of the people.

Put the heart in the essential, the invisible, the infinite, that which has no borders. Join and multiply.

Not in the material, visible, finite … that separates and divides.

Simply, as people we are, love and be the Light that the world needs

We are flashes of Light in the midst of darkness

There is always a crack by which you can strain a flash of light and end up breaking the darkness in a twilight of colors

We are flashes of Light in the midst of darkness

Light grows when you divide it

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  1. Iñaki Alegria – Ethiopia – Médico Pediatra. Fundador de la ONG Alegría Sin Fronteras que desarrolla proyectos de desarrollo integral en Senegal y Etiopía. Misión y Valores Promover el empoderamiento, liderazgo comunitario, equidad de género en los países más desfavorecidos con el objetivo de permitir la mejora de la calidad de vida de la población. Empatía, compromiso, constancia, Amor, solidaridad, empoderamiento, equidad, humildad, transparencia y Alegría
    Iñaki Alegria dice:

    After your comments and suggestions now I am publishing this post in English language for opening new windows.
    I expect you enjoy it and I am looking forward for your comments
    Best wishes

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