Without love there is no education 

Without love there is no education

At school we are taught to study, get good grades, with the incentive of being able to access a good education so we could earn a good living. 

It is an education focused on self, looking for his own good. A selfish, competitive education, this is not education. We must walk towards education Love , study seeking the good of others, with the aim of a better society

Study to improve the lives of others , to lift him high up in arms and they can fly, not to lift us ourselves, or we fly crushing the rest.

Without love there is no education .

We Belong to the world, we are all brothers . 

For a world in which we can all call brothers.

I end with a quote from educator Enrique Martínez Reguera:

 «Choose altruism as an option of life, it is like being born heir to a fortune that holds the best of the people, will make you go finding the most generous people who roam the world. Generosity in a way is a selective system as a financial casino; in financial casinos greedy ambitions and jealousies to rub shut themselves; in casinos generosity are those who need less to share with others how much they can spare. «

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